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Narciso Rodriguez NYFW SS15’ 

Plunging V-neck tank tops with strappy harness backs came neatly tucked into high-rise pants in scuba fabric or narrow, above-the-knee skirts. Graphic color-blocking accentuated the models’ sharp angles, less so their curves.

Rigorous is the right word for those looks. Tight is another. So it was good that Rodriguez balanced them out with easier pieces, like short, fluid dresses to the mid-thigh, ensnared around the torso with thick, three-dimensional bands of beads. Anna Ewers’ white wool version with beads in bronze, brown, and pink was especially sexy. Backstage Rodriguez said he’d been thinking about water and how the light on its surface suggested seams and embroideries. It also gave him his hemlines, which undulated suggestively around the thighs. | via Style


Hugo Boss NYFW SS15’ 

The collection was a lot like its skyscraper venue—stark, structural, and reflective, with a series of dresses at the end of the show embroidered all over with bugle beads that shone like the city when the sun rises.

“My first season was deeply rooted in the tailoring DNA of the brand,” said artistic director Jason Wu backstage after the show. “This season I felt I could change things up a little bit, push the boundaries. How do I do evening a Boss way?” By constructing cocktail dresses with techniques commonly used in suiting, he decided. “All of the corseted dresses were done with menswear felting,” Wu explained. “It’s Tron-esque (we agree!), but made so beautifully inside and out.” | via Vogue

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